Few Americans embody the concept of winning like the legendary Bill Russell, former Hall-of-Fame basketball player and coach for the Boston Celtics. He was a graduate of San Francisco University, where he won the NCAA National Basketball Championship as a junior and senior with 46 consecutive wins in his final two seasons. 


Russell then went on to the Boston Celtics in the National Basketball Association professional ranks only to win eight consecutive NBA championships in the 1960s and a total of eleven, including serving as a player-coach for his final three seasons.


During the off-season between the 66-67 NBA schedules, Bill Russell was named player-coach of the Boston Celtics. Replacing legendary Boston Celtics coach Red Auerbach, Russell became the first black coach in the NBA. Additionally, he would lead the Celtics to two more championships under his leadership. 


Russell not only dominated the game while in college and during his early years at Boston, but he also invented the defensive shot-blocking style that focused on keeping the ball in play while blocking the ball. His head-to-head battles with legendary NBA player Wilt Chamberlain are well-documented in NBA history.


The two-time NBA Hall-of-Fame inductee has spent much time speaking to many groups through the remainder of his life after basketball. For those who want to be winners, he is an E.F. Hutton of sorts. When Bill Russell speaks, people listen. That group of people includes many who have already won in life to a major degree. 


His opinion is valued in more walks of life than basketball. However, at the last NBA Hall of Fame induction ceremonies in Uncasville, Connecticut, he was the center of attention behind the scenes as many of those being part of the gala held informal discussions over dinner and other functions during the event.


The concept of winning is indeed a goal for many across the globe. Winning is stressed in every industry and walk of life in terms of success. However, there is little information available, as the statements and experiences of those who have clearly won in life at every endeavor and stage. 


For Bill Russell, not only did he win as a college athlete, a professional athlete, and a professional athletic coach, he has clearly been a winner in life in the later stages as well.