Every member of a basketball team contributes in different ways, and each individual has unique set of responsibilities. A good center is necessary to a team’s overall success. Their special abilities in both defense and offense are extremely important.  


A great center can make a huge difference in the defense of even the most mediocre teams. When it comes to defense, centers have two main responsibilities: to defend the basket, and to rebound the ball. They do this by taking up space, thereby forcing their opponents to change their tactics, which prevents them from scoring. Most centers are the tallest and strongest players on their teams, which certainly helps them when it comes to defense.

Centers need to have great communication skills. They’re usually positioned in the back of defense under the rim, meaning that they’re responsible to communicate everything happening on the court that the rest of the team may not be able to see.


When it comes to offense, the center normally doesn’t have a consistent three-point or mid range shot. They also tend not to be the focus of most offenses. Centers normally score most of their points by sticking close to the rim and using offensive rebounds. They may also score when they receive a short pass if a player gets through and their defender is forced to provide defense help.

Centers should seek to grab as many rebounds as possible. Ideally, they don’t allow any offensive rebounds for their opponents. They should also make good, high-percentage shots, which can help the team if the offense is stuck in a rut. A good center should be able to back down his man on the block and draw fouls.

Great centers have good hands and a high basketball IQ. After all, they score most of their points by moving around the rim to ensure that passers have the best angle possible, a difficult task. Centers also need to have a good post game. They should be able to score with a variety of movements from the low post area. This ability is even more important if the center is switched onto a weaker or smaller player.

A center’s responsibilities include communicating for the team, providing great defense, and scoring high-percentage shots. A good center will make a huge difference in the quality of your team.