Proficiency in the sport of basketball requires the mastery of several basic skills. One of these fundamental attributes is dribbling. The following blog goes over a number of stationary dribbling drills youth players can take advantage of to improve their styles of play.

One Ball Pound Dribble

The aim of this drill is to master quick dribbling and ball control. Practicing this technique should involve players keeping their eyes up while bouncing the ball up and down with more force than usual. Over time, players can improve their hand strength and quickness which enables them to more easily maintain possession of the ball during in-game situations.


A crossover is done by exchanging dribbling hands. Individuals execute this maneuver by keeping their eyes up and first dribbling with one hand before quickly shifting to the other. With practice and progression, athletes can increase hand speed and strength, as well as improve their ball control capabilities.

The Low Dribble Technique

Low dribbling is performed by repeatedly bouncing the ball as close to the court or ground as possible. Players should look to bend their backs and begin the drill with their hands adjacent to the floor. Perfecting this skill will increase a player’s finger strength, in addition to their ball control skills.

Circle Dribbling

Youth players perform circle dribbles by extending their legs and bouncing the ball through the limb, executing a circular motion. Once the initial action is completed, the action should be repeated using the other leg. This drill improves hand and leg strength, as well as the player’s overall ball control capabilities and coordination.

Two Ball Dribbling

This drill involves dribbling with both hands using two balls. Proficiency in this skill will not only strengthen an athlete’s hands and improve their coordination, but also increase their quickness.

V-Dribble Front

The Front V-Dribble is executed by dribbling a ball from side to side while making a “V” shape. This skill should be done with each hand. With practice, the participating youth will improve their quickness and hand strength.

Wall Finger Tip Drill

This drill is performed by repeatedly bouncing a ball against a wall. The quick returns of the ball can improve a youth player’s quickness, coordination, and hand strength.