Basketball teams, particularly those at the community level, often rely on fundraising activities to garner the funds needed to perform activities including, but not necessarily limited to, traveling from contest to contest, purchasing uniforms, tournament entry fees, and renting venues in which to play. Squads might be able to raise the necessary finances by practicing some of the following strategies.

Hold Auctions

Teams can auction off a variety of items their supporters might be interested in. Auctions can generate significant funds quickly from numerous persons bidding on specific items, which often significantly increase their totals and final prices.

Host Basketball Camps

More experienced teams could opt to host basketball camps. For example, a high school team might offer instruction on simple fundamentals to grade school children. Money can be raised by charging an admission price for those interested in participating in any type of camp.

Organize a Community Event

Sometimes, a community event such as a walk-a-thon or a group dinner could generate plenty of funds for local basketball teams. Tickets to events like social dinners or entry fees for walk-a-thons could go directly towards funding the team’s uniforms, travel expenses, and more.

Set Up Concessions Stands

Parents, close relatives, friends, or supportive community members could set up concession stands at home games. The funds gathered from the items sold at such venues can be applied towards many of the team’s expenses and is a great way to give back while also raising money.

Selling Merchandise

Every school or team often produces sellable items such as shirts, jerseys, socks, or sweatpants. The team can sell merchandise bearing the institution’s insignia or name to willing purchasers with accrued funds going towards specific team expenses.

Team Up with Local Sponsors

Local businesses or organizations might choose to sponsor basketball teams playing within the borders of their communities. While the teams receive needed funds, sponsors demonstrate civil involvement, which could stimulate even greater business interests.

Team Rental

Community groups or organizations that might need persons to perform specific tasks might execute a team rental. The entity in question rents the team out to perform certain duties and the team receives funds for its efforts.