The job of a coach is to help any athlete reach his or her potential. This is always true whether that coach is teaching a game to younger players or leading professionals to a championship. Sometimes, it can be easy to give so much that coaches neglect to take care of themselves. Due to long hours, family responsibilities, and travel, coaches can find that their personal workouts fall by the wayside. However, it really is important for a coach to have a fitness routine of their own. This not only gives them credibility with their players, but it also helps coaches to stay vital and active among their players.

While people often feel that workouts sap their energy, the opposite can be true. Many busy adults in their 30s and 40s have found that adopting a physical fitness program has helped their energy levels increase. It can even help improve one’s mood and make it easier to think more clearly. The secret to maintaining physical fitness is often as simple as, “work harder, not smarter.”

For many young people, the key to staying healthy is spending lots of time at the gym. Whether that means 20 hours of basketball practice per week, weight training, or yoga, young people tend to have time to devote to wellness. In fact, it’s not uncommon for them to try out plenty of classes at different gyms. Things become more complicated when people go to work full-time and start families. Suddenly, it’s hard to find time for even casual games among friends or pick-up basketball at the park, never mind the many classes they have to complete.

There are much more efficient ways to work out. Coaches can stay fit by carving out just 30-40 minutes for themselves, three times per week. The secret is to adopt a program that involves metabolic training. 

Programs like Team Duwe Fitness use resistance in the form of kettlebells. This is a tried-and-true training method, popular in the former USSR for decades. Best of all, when it comes to Team Duwe, all the workouts can be done at home. Three new routines are released each week. They’re available to anyone who’s motivated and has a high-speed internet connection, and the cost of the program is more than outweighed by the benefits it provides.