Basketball players get a lot of cardio in during both practice sessions and games. It’s been found that these athletes cover about 2.8 to 3.2 miles during a game. In this time, athletes can have over 1000 movement and/or directional patterns every minute. Basketball requires athletes to have specific skill sets which are completed under tight conditions. In order to achieve this, these players must have the best combination of exercises and diet for optimal performance. The following tips are just a few on how basketball players can combine nutrition and exercise to boost their skill sets and dominate the court.

Agility and High-Endurance Exercises

A basketball game involves a lot of footwork. Therefore, it is vital to include exercises in the practice routine to facilitate agility and endurance. A player can achieve this by making lateral lunges and mimicking defensive shuffling, which improves one’s defensive game as well. This exercise also helps open up the groin and associated muscles to improve overall agility and flexibility. The same exercises also help a player enhance his or her lateral bounds.

Jump rope exercises are good for endurance, power, and in stabilizing the shoulders. These elements play an important role in the game of basketball. Athletes should also focus on workouts that help them jump higher, and any other exercise that would help them build their lower body. These exercises enhance the ability to hinge from the hip. Players can also try the Goblet squat or the Romanian deadlift.

Nutritional Habits

Proper nutrition strongly determines an athlete’s success in sports. Professional athletes have a high consumption of proteins in their diets which are essential macronutrients that help them achieve a lean body. The recommended protein quantity is 0.75 grams of proteins per pound of the desired body weight.

Basketball players specifically should consume carbohydrates according to their workout demands. The recommended consumption is a 1:2 ratio of proteins to carbohydrates. This is absolutely necessary after an exhausting training session. However, players should avoid junk foods and foods that are rich in fats in their diets.

Perfect Mixture

A perfect combination of a healthy diet and regular workouts can help athletes succeed in nearly every sport. The ideal nutrition and exercise combination for basketball players should help induce power, strength, and agility, while also maintaining a lean body. The basketball game runs for, on average, 48 minutes, so players should prioritize exercises that promote endurance.