Basketball is wildly popular year round, even during the offseason. Players and fans alike dedicate most of their time either practicing or studying, and the offseason should be no excuse to stop. Exercise, specifically, is crucial for players to ensure they don’t lose their step on the court. Even if you don’t have access to a gym, the following workouts can be done in your own home. Just have a basketball on hand and be ready for a workout.

Single-Leg Hip Bridge

This begins by lying down supine. Place the right foot’s sole atop the basketball and keep the hands by the sides. Lift the left leg up toward the ceiling. Then, while pressing the right foot into the ball, the hips are lifted. This is done while keeping the weight on the shoulders and right foot. Hold this bridge position for a moment before slowly reversing to the floor. Then, switch.

Goblet Squat

Stand with the feet further than shoulder-width distance and arch the back slightly. Push the hips back, then bend the knees, lowering the body until the thighs are at a parallel level with the floor. Then touch the elbows to the knees while holding the basketball in front. Keeping the weight on the heels, push up to a standing position again while raising the basketball over the head.


Lie on the floor face down with the arms stretched out in front. Hold the basketball and slowly raise the legs and arms up as high as they will go, using the muscles of your back. Hold this position and then lower the legs and arms back to the floor.

Sit-Ups to Toes

Lying flat with the legs held up, point the toes ceiling-ward. Hold the basketball directly over the chest. Use the muscles of the abdomen to push the lower back against the floor while raising the upper body from it. Continue rising from the mat, stretching the basketball toward the ankles. Hold this, then lower the upper back, not quite reaching the floor before repeating.

Ball Pass Push-Ups

With the basketball under one hand, get into a plank position. Lower the chest toward the floor for push-ups and roll the ball from one hand to the other. Keep doing push-ups while switching hands with the basketball. This can also be done from the knees, as with traditional push-ups.